About me

You probably clicked on the "About me" link to get to know either my professional side better or my personal side better, but probably not both. It's a little difficult talking about both at once, so I've split both tracks off into their disparate sections below.


I've done work at IBM as an Extreme Blue intern working on incident forecasting software in the summer of 2019, where I was both the go-to DevOps engineer and general full-stack developer, doing tasks as varied from pushing both new and preexisting non-containerized codebases to Kubernetes and handling infrastructure provisioning, to developing React UIs with IBM Carbon components backed by RESTful Flask microservices that I also architected and helped write.

I also spent time at Cisco in Silicon Valley over the summer of 2018 working on their Tetration hybrid cloud security product, porting an old shell-based and Linux-specific integration test suite to a cross-platform Go implementation, with special care taken to ensure the suite worked on Windows. I also worked with Vagrant and Packer to develop Windows VMs that were used to build and test Tetration end-to-end without needing a Windows laptop nor kick off a build on Jenkins, in addition to developing a flexible network traffic generation tool in Python that bound itself to Tetration's network monitor to ensure expected behavior during testing.

I've also been involved in various open-source projects going back about a decade, but you should read my portfolio for more on that.


Where do people usually start with these kind of things?

I've lived on both coasts of the US as well as the Southwest, and I've probably visited three-quarters or so of the states in the country, though I've never been outside it. I think it was back in 2004 or so that I first fell in love with programming, after my father downloaded SmallBASIC and showed me some simple programs; I recall one of the first things I wrote was something that printed insulting statements about my little brother in an infinite loop. I picked up C somewhere around 2006 and found Python circa 2009, and from there you should probably just go read my portfolio.

I think I also built the foundations for my love of writing fiction somewhere around that time; worldbuilding was one of my favorite things to do to pass the time as a little kid, and I'd jot down bits and pieces of storylines I really liked to look over for later. I didn't really make any conscious effort to improve and didn't have much interest in having others read what I came up with until probably halfway through high school, though, and at the time I write this (summer 2019), I still haven't taken any sort of formal classes or anything to push myself forward on that front. Something to be said for being self-taught though, I suppose.

I'm a big fan of hockey, and played it throughout middle and high school - I'd have played during my college years (I want to try goaltending someday), but college itself took up too much of my time, so I've had to content myself with hitting up the ice rinks around campus during public skate hours. It feels kind of silly to put this down in words, but one of my favorite memories to this day is scoring the game-winning goal in OT in my house league's championship game during my junior year of high school; something of a childhood dream everyone who hits the ice aims for, I guess. I still don't know how, but my favorite NHL team is the Devils (the early 2000s were a really good time to be a Devils fan) despite the fact that I've never set foot in New Jersey.

I did a lot of robotics in high school - I'm an alum of FRC team 2395 (the Ninja Munkees), participated in BEST Robotics via the Munkees as well, and mentored the FLL Mini Munkees their rookie year. I also judged FLL regionals during high school, and have participated as a judge with Texas BEST while in college.

I like anime a lot, if it wasn't obvious by the front page of my site. Track me down in person and I'll talk your ear off for half an hour straight about anything from Ergo Proxy to Kill la Kill.

I love playing fighting games, from Street Fighter to Guilty Gear to Smash to the point I feel pretty justified listing it among everything else here. I've never really won anything of note, but I got 3rd in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom at Frosty Faustings a couple of years ago.

I could never pick a favorite band, but I got bit with the same pop punk bug most kids got hit with in the mid 2000s and never really moved on - so on any given day I usually have some kind of mix of Neck Deep, The Wonder Years, Green Day, and PUP on rotation. I really like rock in general, and I'll sneak in The Dangerous Summer and Foo Fighters, too.